Where it all began...

Where it all began: The musty dusty offices on East Desert Inn Road in Vegas, 1985. The beginnings of a local radio dynasty, but you'd hardly know it from looking. Put your nose up close to the monitor and sniff. Now that was radio.

Gary & Mike

Las Vegas' first legitimate rock & roll morning show, the O Brothers, featuring Garry O'Neal and Mike Olson. They broke new ground and set new trends in the late 1980's with a fun and wickedly funny show that got everyone involved. See what Garry's up to these days here.

Tommy and Dave

After the O Brothers left for larger markets,
Butz & Tucker arrived from New Orleans with the tough task of following Las Vegas' most successful morning show ever. It was a very funny show by a couple of very nice guys. Tommy Tucker currently is on New Orleans radio, while Dave White (Butz) works in syndicated TV and as an actor in LA.

Jim and Ken

And then came Johnson & Tofte. Ken & Jim ruled the airwaves in Sin City during the '90's, creating havoc and dropping jaws with every vicious new prank and big-time celebrity interview. They also raised big bucks for local charities. Both are still working in Las Vegas radio but not together.

The Professor
One of Las Vegas' true radio authorities, Jeff Anderson is known by longtime listeners of THE Classic Rock Station as "The Professor" because of his vast knowledge of music and how it applies to life. Know that saying, Always the coolest head in the room. He still works in Las Vegas radio.

Giving the NCAA what it deserves
Johnson & Tofte's infamous mooning of the NCAA after sanctions were handed down to UNLV's basketball team in 1992. The first in a long series of very well-thought out (NOT) publicity stunts. RIP coach Jerry Tarkanian.

The Motliest of Crews
1993: Evening badass The Warrior with Program Director Bob Edwards and promotions goddess Lin Aubuchon at the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts for the George Thorogood show. Lin now works in radio in Santa Barbara. We lost Tony "The Warrior" Haney to ALS in July 2019.

Boogieman Band!
1994: The radio station's house band, John Earl & the Boogieman Band, in this rare shot from the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge in the daytime! John is still going strong as Las Vegas' Godfather of the Blues.

Fremont Street when it was still a street
ZZ Top come to town to shoot a new video, and THE Classic Rock Station is there with exclusive coverage.

Giving the NCAA what it deserves
The giant yellow boom-train. It had its own soda fountain and the engineers, they LOVED it. KMTW was a sister station back in the day.

Promotions Director Lini with The Music Director, Dan Lea at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

The one and only Big Daddy. We miss you more than we can say and you're always in our Hall of Fame.

An exercise in fumility
2001: "Let's put the outrageous biker guy with the left-wing news guy." Dennis & The Warrior offered up great guests, patio parties, and a touch of history when they were on the air live as the drama of the 9/11 attacks unfolded. The Warrior (Tony Haney) passed away in 2019. Dennis now runs High-Quality Rock from Santa Barbara, CA.

Big fun with the Big Kahuna
2003 brought another new morning show, "Kahuna and Company." Here are the Big Kahuna, Dennis Mitchell and NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth. With "Kahuna and Company" leading the way, KKLZ was Las Vegas' #1 Rock music station in early 2005.

Still don't believe this actually happened
2003: In 1990, Johnson & Tofte brilliantly convinced listeners that Neil Young had died, despite never saying so directly on the air. Here, 13 years later, Dennis & Dan found Neil (and Pegi) to be very much alive after a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Still don't believe this actually happened
LET'S KEEP ROCKIN'! All of us who were there wished it could have gone on forever, which is why we started "963 Classic Rock," then "LV Classic Rock" and our current incarnation, "High-Quality Rock.". The effort to keep that personal, local vibe and stay connected with you will never stop.Thank you very much for listening. Talk to you soon.

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